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You may have come to my website with simple curiosity, maybe some burning questions, or perhaps some very real, intense struggles that have you feeling horribly. Whatever the case may be, here you are, getting to know a little about me as you consider going to therapy in Pasadena. That’s a good start.

I provide an opportunity to deeply work through difficult issues that have seemed so solid, you just couldn’t find a way through. You may have tried to find solutions in various ways, but sadly, you’ve been unsuccessful in your solo attempts. Well, don’t despair– it’s not your fault.

The Bigger Picture

Therapy in Pasadena and Los Angeles

To understand the cause, we need to look at the bigger picture. Our society tells us that we can do anything and have anything we want if we just set our mind to it. Yet when we try and try and reality falls short of our expectations, we may fall into depression, anxiety, panic, isolation, or even a hopeless despair.  Sometimes, we may even get exactly what we wanted, and yet we still feel unfulfilled. On top of that, we’re often told that getting help and being vulnerable with another person is a sign of being sick or weak.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Reaching out for help is actually a sign of great courage, and being vulnerable with another person is often required for real change to happen– which reminds me of a wise African saying: “He who hides his wounds cannot expect to be healed.” When we share our personal struggles with someone who is trustworthy, skilled, and caring, we find that there’s much more space around our issues. 

Finding Peace and Joy

There can finally be some breathing room– space that allows us to explore these internal knots that have kept us bound so tightly. We can then begin the process of gradually untying those painful knots that have kept our minds, bodies and hearts in pain for far too long. Without those knots holding us hostage any longer, we can begin to appreciate the wonder, joy and peace that was always here, waiting for our presence. So after all, maybe it’s not your fault that you haven’t been able to feel better on your own. Maybe the messages you’ve gotten from family, friends, or culture have prevented you from getting the help you’ve needed.

As an ally, collaborator, and truth-telling companion, I would be honored to walk alongside you in your unique quest for a deeply satisfying life. 

Daniel Chazanas, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, LMFT #102053, offering compassionate, professional, and effective therapy in Old Town Pasadena.

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