Social Anxiety Therapy / Support Group – Los Angeles

  • Do you spend much time thinking that others are looking at you, maybe judging you?
  • Do you worry about possible rejection or social humiliation?
  • Did you deal with bullying or harsh judgement in the past?
  • Do you end up feeling alone, afraid and frustrated because of your social fears?
  • Are you tired of being this way and ready for positive change?
  • Have you been thinking about finally getting therapy for social anxiety?

If this feels true for you, then chances are you’re ready for real change in your life: An anxiety therapy and support group in Los Angeles might help you turn that corner.

By taking part in this shyness and social anxiety therapy group, you’ll learn new and important skills that are specific to overcoming social anxiety. In addition, you’ll also get the peer support you need to change your life for the better. Group therapy will give you the understanding from others; people who actually “get you.” That’s because everyone in this group is working hard for a better life as they deal with and overcome their social anxiety symptoms.

I am a board-certified and licensed therapist who specializes in treating social anxiety. I encourage you to call me, Daniel Chazanas, with any concerns or questions about this weekly social anxiety therapy group at (323) 577-3430.  I offer a free 15-minute consultation to answer any questions about this social anxiety therapy group. I also offer individual therapy for social anxiety and all other anxiety-related issues.

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I currently offer one weekly low-fee social anxiety and shyness therapy group for adults. The purpose of this therapy group is to offer an affordable way for people struggling with social anxiety (sometime referred to as social phobia) to learn how to successfully manage and overcome their social fears. Although the therapy process can feel challenging at times, the group experience is contained within warm, friendly and supportive environment.

Avoidance vs Social Anxiety Therapy (Los Angeles)

It’s very common for those suffering from social anxiety and social phobia to run away from scary situations, which typically means that many social situations are regularly avoided. The current research on social anxiety tells us that group therapy can be a powerful antidote for this kind of avoidance. Why? Because social anxiety therapy groups directly challenge avoidance behaviors through bringing the person into contact with what they fear. Over time and with consistent group attendance, the tendency to isolate diminishes because people naturally “habituate” to what they once feared. In other words, people eventually get really comfortable with the things they once feared. However, if the habit of avoidance is continually reinforced through consistent social withdrawal, it becomes increasingly challenging to get out of this cycle of avoidance. Fortunately, with group support, the therapist’s guidance, experiential social skills training within the group, and homework done outside of the group setting, social anxiety sufferers become increasingly comfortable being interacting with others, in both personal or professional relationships.

Some of the more common anxiety & social phobia triggers are: speaking to strangers, speaking in class, gatherings and parties, public speaking, business meetings, speaking on the telephone, writing in public,  job interviews, dating, concerts or theaters, reading in public, interacting with authority figures, dancing, team sports, weddings or social gatherings of any sort, being in public spaces (i.e., farmers markets, stadiums, concerts, theaters, shopping areas), class field trips, dining in restaurants or drinking in bars, using public restrooms (clinically known as paruesis)


How Our Los Angeles Social Anxiety Group Therapy Works:

Step One– Addressing The Thoughts That Fuel Your Phobia & Anxiety

Scratch the surface of most automatic thoughts and you’ll typically find deep-seated, personal beliefs about people and life in general. These are beliefs that we may have had our entire lives– unexamined beliefs that we’ve simply taken for granted. Like the air we’re breathing, we don’t even notice their presence. Often and unfortunately, these negative beliefs can make for an extremely limited and unfulfilling social life. However, when we directly examine these beliefs that we think are true, but in fact may be totally false, we learn how to grow beyond social anxiety and shyness. This process of cognitive self-examination acts as a spotlight, giving us greater insight into our personal psychology. What’s most important is to deconstruct false beliefs,  because it’s these very beliefs that lead to thinking patterns, behaviors, and choices that isolate us even more.When we feel isolated, our symptoms of loneliness and frustration worsen. A social anxiety therapy and support group may open your mind to new ways of thinking and feeling, which will allow you to make better choices– choices that are geared towards a more satisfying life, guided by your personal, core set of values.

This social anxiety therapy group in Los Angeles is led by myself, a board-certified and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT# 102053) with expertise and experience treating social anxiety. My social anxiety therapy / support groups use various methods and techniques to help social anxiety sufferers cope and heal from this challenging condition. My primary goal is to help people with social anxiety grow beyond their fears in order to create meaningful and satisfying relationships. Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), mindful awareness, group-processes, somatic awareness, meditation practices, and Humanistic Psychology are some of the orientations I draw from, in order to meet the unique needs of each group member.

Individual or Group Social Anxiety Therapy?

Please note: In order to find out whether the social anxiety therapy group is a good match for your needs, an individual intake session with me is required prior to joining the group. During this intake session, we may determine that the social anxiety therapy group is a good match for your needs. Or perhaps, a group environment may feel like an overwhelming place to start your therapy process. In that case, individual social anxiety therapy might be a better place to start. The decision on where to begin, and what course of treatment to pursue, happens within the intake session.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have about the group. I offer a free 15 minute consultation and can be reached on my cell phone at 323.577.3430. I look forward to hearing from you.

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